Hack im Pott

Hello and welcome to HIP 3 - your Hack im Pott in Essen in 2019!

What is the HIP?

We are a small, cosy event of the Chaospott. Conceptually the HIP is very similar to a barcamp, where the focus is on workshops and not on lectures.
Since the HIP2 we moved to the Falkenzentrum Süd, because we have more space there than in our actual rooms. The HIP is characterized by a cosy atmosphere, breakfast all day long, different workshops and hands-on rounds and of course Hack and hacking.

More input!

So that we can succeed in all this, we've got this Call for Participation. We depend on your input and commitment. On this page we would appreciate it if you would submit workshops or lectures so that we can all have an eventful weekend!
Everyone can hack, we are firmly convinced of that - as a rule there are also people who find exactly your topic interesting. It's not about the perfect lecture or workshop, but about doing something. Thematically we do not set any limits.
In recent years there have been docker and git workshops, pixel art with ironing beads, food hacking, VR and much more. We don't force anyone to hold a workshop. But we are happy about everyone (also every lecture), because everything depends on the commitment of the participants.

More output!

If you want to get more information, you can do this on our website, furthermore you can find some more in our Wiki. There we would also be happy to receive some information about your submission!

We would be happy to welcome you as HIPster!